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Frequently Asked Questions


How many people can fit in a cabin?

Generally 6 adults but, if kids are part of the group, up to 8.


How long does each revolution take?

One revolution takes approximately 2.5min. One ride is four revolutions and takes appr. 12-15min depending on loading time.

Do you have Wheelchair Access?

Two gondolas are wheel chair friendly with wide-open doors.

Can pets be brought on board?

No. Only registered guide dogs can be brought on board.

Can alcohol be brought on board?

No. Only with specially arranged hospitality packages can alcohol be consumed on board the Wheel of Excellence.

Are there corporate events available on the wheel?

The wheel presents the most unique and varied corporate entertainment packages available please contact our dedicated corporate consultants at

What happens if I need to get off the wheel?

The Wheel and the operational crew is well prepared in case of vertigo, sickness or if you have to get off for other personal  issues. Each cabin is equipped with a "Help" Button. When you push the button, the operator will offload you asap.

What happens in case of a power failure?

In case of a power failure the wheel is equipped with several backup systems (generator, batteries, turning by manpower) which are able to offload the fully loaded wheel in less than 15 minutes.

How do I find the wheel?

The Cape Wheel is located at the V&A Waterfront in the City of Cape Town - just look up!

Who can I contact for advertising opportunities?

We'd love to hear from you! Extensive branding and advertising opportunities exist - after all, the wheel has over 5 km's of LED lighting for this purpose. Contact for further information.

Are children allowed on the Cape Wheel?

Without a doubt! We're committed to providing family entertainment - however, children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult (over 18 years of age).

When was the wheel manufactured?

2007 in Germany

Where else was the wheel located?

2007 Brüssel (Belgium)
2008 Kühlungsborn (Germany)
2008/2009          Brüssel (Belgium)
2009 Kühlungsborn (Germany)
2009/2010 Malmö (Sweden)


Are there more wheels of that kind?

Yes, there are more than 100 wheels all over the world.

Location examples: Niagra Falls, Belfast, Brisbane, Manchester, etc.

Look here for more information and photos: Wheels of Excellence

Operating Times

Operating Schedule:

Monday - Sunday: 10am until late




Adult (16 years) R120
Child (4-15 years) R60
Under 4 years free of charge

VIP Gondola (up to 4 adults) R800*


All tickets include a R5 donation for the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation